The island of Hippocrates

Kos is the birthplace of the father of medicine, Hippocrates, the man who's ethics and teachings influenced the medical science. This was also one of the most famous in ancient Asclepieia, place of worship of the god Asclepius and clinics, where patients come from many parts of Greece on pilgrimage or to heal.

The fertile climate, the mountains with slopes within which claim traditional villages with whitewashed houses bedecked in flowers, the wonderful beaches with crystal waters, monuments and the glory of the past connected perfectly with the comforts and cosmopolitan aura of the present, compose the image of the island.

The Savvas Studios are located on the beach of Kefalos village, the beautiful and picturesque Kamari beach.
The distance from the sea is just 50 meters and from the balcony of our room the view is unlimited.
From here you have access to catamaran school, the wind surfing school and the kite surfing school operated on our beach.

The Kamari beach is great, with a length greater than 5 km, with nice sand and good organization that attracts many people, most of the other beaches. It has the coldest waters of the island which is crystal clear. There is a small port that serves small fishing and excursion boats.

Kefalos is a beautiful village built on a hill in the western part of the island and is 40 kilometers far from the town of Kos. There was in antiquity, the ancient capital of the island and today is inhabited by about 2,500 residents.

The settlement is built on a hill with houses cheek by jowl with one another, typical island town element, thus creating narrow streets that lead the visitor on a tour of the history and current life.